Angus Martin

Angus Martin

Gordon House, McLean Lodge

Angus Martin was a war veteran and a brave man. He was injured in the Egyptian desert in World War 2 but volunteered to return for another stint; he'd left mates there, he said.

"You can't leave 'em alone."

His injuries were such that, later in life when Bryan Lipmann first got to know him at Gordon House, he was crippled by pain and could only walk using two sticks.  


Angus became the great friend of Dot Lipmann (pictured on the right), who was a visitor to Angus' new home, McLean Lodge, from the day it opened.

Dot and Angus shared a huge bond of affection. For Dot, a sense of Angus' courage in the face of all he endured resonated most strongly.

Together with staff at McLean Lodge, Dot saw to it that Angus was awarded the Australian Defence Medal, a belated acknowledgement of his war effort and all it had cost him.