Charlie Manning

Charlie Manning

Mclean lodge, atkins terrace

Charlie Manning's home is at McLean Lodge in Flemington, where he is well-known and very well loved. Charlie knows the inner suburbs of Melbourne like the back of hand; he was born in North Melbourne then moved around Carlton, South Melbourne and Fitzroy as he grew up with a brood of brothers and sisters.

Charlie looks young but, in fact, he is no spring chicken. Not many people can report that their first job was cleaning up after the horse and carts that clogged the streets! 

He got the taste for adventure young and headed North to work as a rover with cattle. He discovered a talent for rodeo riding and still has the medals to prove it.

Charlie and Reg Manning 

Charlie, pictured on the left, is happy to be settled at McLean now. He is especially pleased that his younger brother Rex, who had lived at our Atkins Terrace housing for many years, has now moved into McLean as well.

They live together again, just as they did as boys. 

Post Script:

Charlie died in August 2016. His loss caused much sadness but, in time, the memory of lovely Charlie will once again warm the hearts of everyone who loved him.