Gordon House, Williamstown Hostel

Colin lived for many years on the 10th floor at Gordon House where he kept to himself and was largely unknown to many of his fellow residents.

By the time our hostel in Williamstown opened in 1993, Colin was in a wheelchair and had been told by his doctor at Gordon House that he hadn’t long to live. Colin’s response was to ask if he could plant a shrub outside his new room at Wintringham so that when he was gone the new person in his room could enjoy looking out at it.

He was taken down to the nursery and purchased a small plant. The plant grew and so he planted another.


Soon he had a spectacular garden and neighbours gave him permission to also look after theirs.

As the garden developed, compliments from the hostel staff began flooding in and if they had any gardening questions they would ask Colin. He would then read through a selection of gardening books, visit his friends at the nursery and come back with a well-researched response.

Colin’s cancer went into remission and he continued to work in his garden for the next 6 years. Colin eventually passed away in May 1999. He is remembered and missed.