John Crawford

John Crawford

Port Melbourne

John Crawford was a loveable rogue who lived at Wintringham’s Port Melbourne Hostel.

When Julia Gillard, then Deputy Prime Minister, visited the Hostel in January 2009, John famously took the opportunity to bail her up and tell her a thing or two.

“I barrack for Collingwood,” John announced, “and I’ll tell you another thing. I’ve voted Liberal all my life!”

“Well,” said Julia, unfazed. "That’s two mistakes you’ve made!”

John Crawford with Julia Gillard
When Collingwood won the AFL Grand Final in 2010, John was ceaseless in his efforts to celebrate the supremacy of the Collingwood Football Club. In fact, he scoured the countryside, travelling from Port Melbourne to Castlemaine and as far as Warrnambool sporting full Collingwood regalia, sharing the joy and pointing out the error of their ways to anyone foolish enough to prefer another team or, God forbid, soccer or ballet.

John died peacefully - in his sleep, at home - in September 2013.

Port Melbourne will never be the same.