Eunice Seddon

Judith Buswell was a star.

She was a star at Eunice Seddon, our hostel in Dandenong, from the day she found her home there. And apparently she had been a star on the strip tease circuit - a pole dancer of some note - or so it was reported.

We know that she worked as a prostitute because she continued to surreptitiously ply her trade at Eunice Seddon.

When asked about the gentlemen seen exiting her room late in the night, she informed staff they were priests undertaking a religious intervention with her.

Judith Buswell

Judith had a cutting wit that delighted everyone around her. She was funny, outrageous, unpretentious and wildly entertaining. When she died - too young - people were devastated.

Well, not everyone was devastated. The local police had grown a little weary of her tricks. She would stage a mishap then, when the police showed up, she'd ask for a lift up the shops to get some more smokes!