Lindsay Rahiman

Lindsay Rahiman

McLean Lodge, Ron Conn

Lindsay Rahiman was legendary in many ways. He was a legendary cook. He was a legendary drinker - of anything he could get his hands on! And he had a way of getting into legendary amounts of trouble. For instance, he would regularly scoot off for a trip to the shops and, not long after, the supermarket would call asking for him to be picked up as he had consumed too much of the grog he'd fleeced to propel himself home.

He lived at  McLean Lodge in Flemington first of all then, as his health deteriorated, he moved to Ron Conn, our high care accommodation in Avondale Heights. There, his best mate was Claude Cliff. They were a formidable pair, both being blessed with the eye for an angle. Lindsay would push Claude in his wheelchair; first they'd do the rounds of Ron Conn, then off they'd go, navigating the greater Avondale Heights area, on the hunt for opportunity, whatever shape that might take on any given day.


Lindsay was Mauritian originally and we suspect that is where he developed the taste and the skills needed to produce beautiful food.

The smell of Lindsay's curries drifted through Ron Conn drawing staff and residents alike to his side.  

"Octopus Vindalooooo" was one of his favourites. 

Lindsay ALWAYS had to have a "little" drink when he was cooking.