Bev & Bob

Nola & Bob

Williamstown Hostel

Nola, the adopted daughter of a milliner and a highly sought after chicken sexer,was born and raised in Footscray. She worked as a showroom demonstrator for the Lanchoo Tea Company. In 2002, Nola suffered a stroke which left her dependant on a walking frame and requiring additional home support which was provided by Wintringham’s Western CACPs program. Nola’s health had declined but her fear of being separated from her pets delayed her move into a residential care facility.

The moment Nola entered Wintringham’s Williamstown facility for respite care, she knew that this was where she wanted to live – the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the staff were friendly and she would be able to keep her beloved dog Ralph.

Bob’s father’s worked as an income tax assessor and his family moved to Adelaide when Bob was 16 years old. Bob has worked as a greyhound kennel boy, farm hand, shearer, fisherman, painter and finally an interstate truck driver. Soon after the death of his father in 2002, Bob’s world fell apart. Anguish led him to a succession of inappropriate and appalling accommodation settings until one day a case manager suggested Wintringham.

At first Bob did not have high expectations that life would improve at Wintringham. But within a few weeks of moving into the Williamstown hostel, Bob was feeling optimistic; he purchased a budgie for his room and he met a wonderful lady.

bob and bev

Bob sat with Nola in the dining room.

Every day Nola would initiate conversation and everyday for 2 weeks Bob would ask Nola her name!

Around mid March 2007, Nola and Bob had fallen in love and moved into one of the combined double rooms at Williamstown. They became engaged.

Post Script:

Bob sadly passed away in May 2020. He will be missed by Nola, his sister Mary and the staff and residents of our Williamstown Hostel.