Patrick Walsh

Patrick is the face of Wintringham. During the 21 years that Pat lived at Wintringham, firstly at McLean Lodge and then at Ron Conn, this beautiful and gentle man won the hearts of all us.

The stories we all have of Pat are endless, and all spoken with an affectionate smile as we remember just how deep this man touched us all.

Patrick was an Irish Catholic man who loved the Queen. If that isn’t confusing enough, even more so were long and complicated letters he used to write to Her Majesty every day. Not a single word was ever legible or understandable in any language other than his own, but no man has ever corresponded with his lover with the intensity and regularity that Pat wrote to the Queen.

Patrick adorns our web page and his profile is on the business card of every staff member. Not that we need reminding of who Pat was, but his image is a constant reminder to us and everyone that Wintringham deals with, just what our organisation is about and who we have dedicated ourselves to caring for.