Ron & Geoff

Ron & Geoff

McLean Lodge

Ronald and Geoffrey Wolter are twins who, much to everyone's delight, have ended up living together at McLean Lodge in Flemington. Importantly, Ron was the first twin born and has always considered himself the older brother. They came from a family of brothers - six in all. Tragically, Peter died of leukemia at only 7 years of age, breaking their mother's heart.

Geoffrey's first jobs included paper rounds and selling the football record outside the oval on game day.  In 1961 he suffered a breakdown; a terrible disruption to his life. Nevertheless, Geoffrey retained a basically sunny disposition and, amongst a multitude of ventures, he became something of a billiards champion.

Ron's life took a defining turn in 1974 when he embarked on his first adventures in greyhound racing.

Many satisfying years of breeding, training and racing followed. He is a betting man but, unlike many punters, he has always known when to start and when to finish. He had to leave school at 13 - there had not been much money around in those days - but he pursued with enthusiasm his own studies in veterinary science.

geoff and ron

Geoff (on the left)  and Ron (on the right) are pictured at one of McLean's many parties.

Geoff is renowned for his singing and his perfect memory for the lyrics of hundreds of classic songs.

Appropriately enough, his favourite songs include, "Crawling Back," by Roy Orbison; "I'll take you Home Again Kathleen"; and, most auspiciously of all, "You'll Never Walk Alone."