Eunice Seddon

E. Seddon

Gordon House, Williamstown Hostel

Not many of us get to have a hostel named in our honour. Eunice reports that it was a strange sensation when her old mate Bryan Lipmann asked her if it was OK if he named the new Dandenong building in her honour. “Jeez” she said, “I’ll become famous!”

Eunice came to Wintringham’s Williamstown hostel from Gordon House when the Williamstown Hostel first opened. Gordon House had been a notorious shelter, with tiny rooms, but the position was pretty good. You could venture across the road to Markillies Hotel for a beer and then onwards for a dance. Eunice has always been able to look out for herself and made it her business to keep an eye on a few of the less wily women about the place.

Eunice at Gordon House 

Eunice enjoyed the fuss on the day the Home named in her honour was officially opened, but otherwise has taken it all in her stride.

Ever the queen of understatement, when asked what it’s like sharing her name, she says, “It’s very nice.”

She died, at home, in 2015, surrounded by people who loved her dearly.