Williamstown Hostel, Ron Conn

Graham Christian had lived near Mildura, raising cattle, rodeo riding and enjoying family life. When his wife suddenly died, Graham's world fell apart. He walked away from everything and became a hermit living on the banks of the river.

Graham Christian

When he came to live with Wintringham, first to our Williamstown hostel, then to the Ron Conn nursing home, there were many adjustments to be made. But Graham was ready to settle down again and he soon charmed his way into many of our hearts.

His dying wish was to enjoy a night around a campfire, a hard thing to orchestrate in suburban Avondale Heights.

Undeterred, permissions were obtained, a bonnie was lit, and residents and staff joined in an evening of smoking, drinking, reminiscing, and guitar-strumming much to the delight of our old friend Graham.