Jesse James

Jesse James

Ron Conn

Jesse's real name was Colin but he preferred being mixed up with the famous outlaw.

As well as being a renegade, Jesse worked tirelessly making models of outback scenes: farmyards, windmills, station houses.

He shaped, glued, painted and extended so many that there was no room left to put them all, although the best are still to be found on display at Ron Conn where he lived for many years.

Have wheelchair, will travel: this was Jesse's motto.

Jesse and chair

He did one famous runner where he decided to head off for Western Australia. Our manager, Julie Thompson, found him a way down the road with his motorised ‘wheelie’ loaded up with a cask of wine, urinal bottle and his fishing rod standing up at the back of the cart like a flag.

Traffic was blocked for more than a kilometre behind him.

Like his namesake, Jesse caused a sensation wherever he went.