Pat Shore

Pat Shore

Atkins Terrace

Pat's story was mysterious; all we really know is that he lived in our housing - Atkins Terrace in Kensington - for many years and was treasured there. 

He was something of a collector and liked to transform the bits and pieces he picked up into fabulous sculptures of animals and mythical creatures. As the creatures mounted, he needed to find new homes for them. One of our support workers put him in touch with The Venny, a communal backyard and play space for children from the Kensington public housing estate and surrounding areas.

The kids were amazed and Pat loved that.

Pat Shore bench 

The photographer Morganna Magee has done some beautiful work with Pat: see her blog A Flame In Your Heart.

Morganna was in the last stages of preparing an exhibition where his image would be featured, and taking some prints to show him at his unit in Kensington, when she heard the news:

"Halfway up the path we were stopped and told the sad news that Pat had passed away in his sleep overnight. He was 79 years old.  I cannot escape from the beauty that a man who had spent so many nights sleeping homeless in the cold would pass away in a warm bed, housed by an organisation that really and truly loved him as family."