Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom has been with Wintringham since 1999, and is a much-loved character, known for his hearty laugh and his love of telling a good joke, most of them slightly on the risqué side!

“I loved the country life living with my four brothers and sisters on my parent’s farm at Strathmerton (Strathy) in the outer Shepparton region. It was great. I worked as a farm hand on the dairy property and I played A Grade tennis and senior football.

“At 19 years old, I suffered a nervous breakdown and was advised to leave the land and move to Shepparton. My world had turned upside down. I got a job part-time carrying out groceries at Woolworths and later I became a driver delivering bread for Baker Boys in Shep.

“I lost the ability to play sport at previous levels, so much changed in such a short time and it was hard for me to accept. In the evenings, I attended self-help groups in Shepparton and its surrounding areas.

“I started to get well again I made friends in Shepparton that I still have today. I enjoyed life again living in Ma Andrews boarding house for boys and young men – crew cuts were mandatory.

“I ended up leaving Shepparton and moved to the city to find work. One fateful day I took a train trip to Kensington to look at a unit that was available at Wintringham’s Atkins Terrace. I was impressed by plans to put in some beautiful gardens and the units, each having their own verandah. I snaffled up the unit and have not looked back since.

“Now I am at Wintringham’s Mclean Lodge and enjoying the fine-looking gardens here, watching the blossoms bloom and the birds singing.

Tom Fitzgerald, Birthday

Wintringham’s upcoming development in Shepparton will be named after Tom, Toms face was full of joy when he heard the news.