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Discovering Hidden Treasures

by comms

A surprise phone call came through last week from Maureen Reed.  Her mother Mavis worked in the sandwich bar next door to Gordon House back in the time when John Wintringham, aka 'Tiny', was fighting for the rights of the residents when there was talk of demolition.  Our legend, our hero, and namesake to our organisation.  Mavis knew 'Tiny' who was a regular at the sandwich bar, and carefully collected news clippings in 1970 when anything came up about Gordon House, Tiny, and the fate of the residents.  

Maureen only vaguely remembers Tiny, and remembers him as a very large man. When Mavis passed away 2 years ago, Maureen had the painful task of going through her mothers' belongings, carefully she uncovered a hidden treasure for Wintringham.  For 45 years, these news clippings lay waiting to be discovered.  Maureen did a search online to find who might be interested in this little piece of history and found us!!  Maureen kindly came into Head Office and handed over the fragile papers to Bryan Lipmann, our CEO and Founder.  Bryan himself never met Tiny in person, but is eternally inspired by his fight for the justice of the elderly residents at Gordon House.  

Thanks Maureen and thanks Mavis.  Rest in Peace, your meticulously cut news clippings are in safe hands. 

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If you are over 50, struggling to make ends meet, want a quality affordable home and help when you need it. If you want a good life then contact us on 03 9034 4824.
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Wintringham is a not-for-profit welfare organisation created to address the scourge of elderly homelessness. Wintringham Housing is registered in the state of Victoria as a Housing Association.

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Wintringham values the critical roles of staff and volunteers. We also welcome donations and the generosity of philanthropic partners.
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