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Jack Gash

eighteen one-bedroom independent living units in Avondale Heights

Jack Gash

In partnership with the Victorian Office of Housing and with significant assistance from a philanthropic donation, 18 one-bedroom independent living units have been built around the perimeter of Wintringham's Ron Conn Nursing Home at 33 Westminster Drive, Avondale Heights.

The units have been constructed to Wintringham Housing's usual high standard, and compliment the unique architecture and landscaping of the Ron Conn centre.

As is traditional for Wintringham, the housing has been named in honour of a resident who is remembered with particular fondness. Jack Gash and Ron Conn were great mates when they lived at the old Gordon House shelter in the 1980s. They both ended up living happily at Wintringham sites and remained friends until the end. We like to think that they remain in close proximity.


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How to apply for Social Housing? (Public or Community Housing)

Please visit the Housing Vic website to submit an application, and be placed on the Victorian Housing Register (VHR) to access public or community housing (which includes Wintringham housing). For more information about homelessness services please call 1800 825 955.




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If you are over 50, struggling to make ends meet, want a quality affordable home and help when you need it. If you want a good life then contact us on 03 9034 4824.
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Wintringham is a not-for-profit welfare organisation created to address the scourge of elderly homelessness. Wintringham Housing is registered in the state of Victoria as a Housing Association.

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Wintringham values the critical roles of staff and volunteers. We also welcome donations and the generosity of philanthropic partners.
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