• I am over 50
  • I am struggling to make ends meet
  • I want a quality affordable home
  • I want help when I need it
  • I Want A Good Life

20 Year Brigade

We esteem, applaud and cherish those members of staff who have been with Wintringham for more than twenty years. They are our company treasures!

We salute them here:

Angela Colina

Angela Colina  

Angela Colina worked at Gordon House before following many of its elderly residents to Wintringham's new hostel in Williamstown.

All these years later, Angela still graces Williamstown with her diligence, her generosity and her warmth. Sweetness shines through in everything she does. All of us - staff and residents alike - love Angela. It is impossible not to!






Bev Febey

Bev Febey is an Intake Worker at out Head Office and, over the years, has mastered a number of other roles in the Community, Housing and Residential sections of Wintringham.

She has a wise head and a big heart - the perfect combination in this line of work! Her experience and good sense are an invaluable resource for us. She inspires all of us to do better.





Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson's first job was at Gordon House, the notorious night shelter for Melbourne's homeless.

It made her head spin, but she was gripped! This was work where she knew she could make a difference. And make a difference she has - Kelly is now Southern Region Community Housing and Support Manager. Her standards and her values are first rate: inclusive, unwavering, illuminating.





Laureen Smith

Laureen Smith has worked across the organisation in many roles and has recently taken on a new role as Volunteer Coordinator.

In this capacity, Laureen's infectious good humour, infinite patience and wild inventiveness are put to perfect use. She is known and loved by everyone at Wintringham and she is the keeper of many of our best stories! Laureen is a star.





Wendy Palmer

Wendy Palmer has worked at McLean Lodge in Flemington since she started at Wintringham more than twenty years ago.

She has been a friend and a shoulder to cry on to more people than even she can remember, although she remembers a lot! Wendy's stories are legendary. She cries with laughter when she tells some of them! Wendy is a gem.





Bryan Lipmann, AM

Bryan Lipmann, AM, started Wintringham in 1989 and remains our CEO and treasured leader.

In how many companies our size does the CEO know everyone's name? Where else does the CEO send every resident and client a personal card each December? What other CEO visits sites so often, laughs so readily at jokes and appreciates so deeply the work done by everyone at every level?





Melinda Smith

melinda 3

Melinda Smith started at our Williamstown hostel soon after it opened its doors. In all those years, Melinda has become an essential part of the glue holding the place together, contributing her liveliness, her wisdom and her boundless empathy to the multiple bonds between staff and residents alike.  She regularly goes above and beyond in ensuring that the people around her get to enjoy life as much as she does. Melinda deserves a medal!





Lee-Anne Diano

Lee-Anne Diano has had various roles at Wintringham starting at Port Melbourne as a personal carer, moving on to being a supervisor, case manager and manager at various sites. Now, Lee-Anne is working as the Return to work coordinator with the Human Resources team at head office. According to Lee-Anne ‘You can be anything you want if only given the chance’. Lee-Anne has a lot of wisdom and knowledge and a wonderful sense of humour to match. Lee-Anne is a great asset to anyone’s team.  





Danny Stevens

Danny Stevens

Danny Stevens has been a great team player with Wintringham since he started at Port Melbourne as the Recreation Coordinator in 1997. Danny is a complete all-rounder guy, having his hands in all different roles, including recreation manager, Human resources manager and now site manager at Williamstown Hostel. His standards and his values are first rate: inclusive and enlightening.

"I am inspired by people who work hard and achieve high quality outcomes.  I am really fortunate to have worked at Wintringham with so many people who consistently do both." Danny Stevens. 





Ricky Foy

Ricky Foy

Ricky Foy our IT guru, started with Wintringham in 1997 as a contractor doing project work with the Finance department. As the company grew so did Ricky taking the plunge from accounting to IT where he has been a huge asset ever since.

Ricky has become an essential part of our team, contributing his sense of humour and wisdom is an invaluable resource for us. 





Lyn Gaffney

Lyn Gaffney

Lyn Gaffney has worked at Port Melbourne Hostel since she started at Wintringham more than twenty years ago.

Lyn has prided herself in being the best carer she can be and it definitely shows. Lyn throws everything she has into the job she is doing and nothing is ever too hard. Lyn has her hand in all jobs at Port Melbourne and knows just about everything Port Melbourne has to offer. Wintringham has become Lyn’s family and is known by ‘mum’ by most people. We are so proud we have Lyn apart of our team! 




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