• I am over 50
  • I am struggling to make ends meet
  • I want a quality affordable home
  • I want help when I need it
  • I Want A Good Life

Celebrating 30 years of Wintringham

by WIntringham Communications

Today marks 30 years since Wintringham began on 21 August 1989.

Founder Bryan Lipmann AM became frustrated watching elderly men and women die in homeless persons’ night shelters, unable to access mainstream aged care services. Elderly residents were thought of as first and foremost ‘homeless’, and aged care services wanted nothing to do with them. This was the catalyst for Wintringham to begin operations.

“I am so proud, and feel honoured to have such loyal, passionate and caring staff who have helped us on our mission for social justice. The Aged Care Royal Commissioner Richard Tracey said he was in awe of Wintringham, and I can say that I am in awe of my team’s work!” said CEO /Founder Bryan Lipmann AM.

“This organisation wasn’t something that happened overnight – it’s been a lot of hard work with many, many highs and lows, and we’ve lost many along the way who will be remembered and cherished always.”

To see more about the impact Wintringham has been making in people’s lives over the past 30 years, visit our Facebook page, which over the past 30 days has been sharing 30 client stories. These Wintringham stories past and present resonate with staff, other clients and the public alike, and perfectly illustrate why we do what we do.

These stories celebrate the people we help every day, while also acknowledging the diverse range of services we provide from housing to outreach, community care and recreation, while also breaking down some of the stigma and stereotypes associated with homelessness.

Here's to another 30 years of Wintringham serving those most in need. Click here to view our latest video celebrating this milestone https://youtu.be/WneFsIChuvA

How Can We Help You?
If you are over 50, struggling to make ends meet, want a quality affordable home and help when you need it. If you want a good life then contact us on 03 9034 4824.
Who We Are

Wintringham is a not-for-profit welfare organisation created to address the scourge of elderly homelessness. Wintringham Housing is registered in the state of Victoria as a Housing Association.

How Can You Help Us?
Wintringham values the critical roles of staff and volunteers. We also welcome donations and the generosity of philanthropic partners.
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