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A Sea of Quilts

by A Sea of Quilts

Enzo kindly agreed to shoulder one of 70 superb handmade quilts recently gifted to Gilgunya in Coburg.
As well as being warm and colourful, the quilts display endless variation and creativity. They are a labour of love.
They are the work of a quilting collective which has operated for more than 23 years—they are the North of the Yarra Quilting Guild who meet regularly at rooms in Diamond Creek.
They are dedicated to sharing their craft. They have fundraisers so they are able to purchase the materials for the quilts they then regularly gift to people they think will most value and enjoy them.
They chose well with Wintringham. Everybody who got one has been delighted and not a little overwhelmed by the talent and generosity of the guild members.
Interestingly, lots of the finished quilts are not the work of a single person. When they meet, one quilter might have an idea for a basic pattern, another will choose the fabrics, then others again will share the stitching and contribute special panels. 

After the Quilts were donated, one of the quilters then found out they were donated to one of her relatives home. What a coincidence!

If you are interested in joining North of the Yarra Quilting Guild, write to PO Box 754, Eltham 3095.

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