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Art Space 2022 - Congratulations to our artists

by Wintringham Communications

Art Space 2022 was one of Wintringham’s biggest exhibitions so far.

Coinciding with Homelessness Week, 123 Wintringham client art works were exhibited online from 1-7 August 2022. Many pieces represent a personal journey and artistic expression, which is often unearthed through Wintringham’s recreation programs.

Our annual People’s Choice Award was again a popular activity with more than 100 votes received.  In the end, the People’s favourite artwork was ‘In My Head’ created by our Bayside Peninsula client Michael, followed closely by ‘Burnt Stump’ by Grampians resident Charles. Thank you again to the wonderful Melbourne Artists’ Supplies for their support, by donating gift vouchers for both winners and one lucky voter!

In addition, our judges Lyndy and Lucinda White from the Peter & Lyndy White Foundation, Dot Lipmann AM Wintringham volunteer and artist, and Jane Boag Wintringham Board member had the difficult task of choosing winning artworks for Wintringham’s 2022 Christmas cards and the 2023 Wintringham calendar. Look out for the following artworks in our calendar and cards this month:

Me and Jimmy – Self portrait by Michael; Stripes on sculpture by Susan; Bill dreaming by Bill; Paddock After Rain by Janice; Mona Lisa by Kerry; Butterfly by Carol; Untitled 4 by Frank; Limbo madness by Cameron; Treaty by Dawn; Autumn by Chotima; Regal by Michealle; Scene unseen by Kwin; Mountain by Raymond; Healthy people by Alex; Comb-crested Jacana by Ian and Container ship passing St Kilda by Gary.

Congratulations to everyone who entered Art Space 2022. You can view the complete exhibition online at www.art.wintringham.org.au.

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