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Betty turns 100!

Betty and Vanessa
by Regional

Betty Wadsworth was thrilled when she got a card from another significant Betty - Elizabeth, Queen of England - on the occasion of our Betty's 100th birthday.

You see, even though Betty has lived very happily in Castlemaine since 1951, she was born in England and retains a great fondness for the Royal family.

In an eventful life, she moved as a youngster to Canada with her parents then, as a teenager Betty moved back to England where she meet her husband. He was offered a job as a wool dyer - in Australia - so they seized the opportunity and moved, settling in Castlemaine where Betty has stayed ever since. She now lives in one of Wintringham's redeveloped Miller homes, close to the main street.

She has loved Australia's warmer climate and has orchestrated regular holidays at the beach for her family. 

Betty is very close to her daughter Linda; they are mother and daughter and best friends. Linda is always there to support her mum, popping in to visit every day. Betty also enjoys spending time with her 2 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, all of whom love her dearly.

Now that she's older, Betty also enjoys reading the newspaper daily, watching The Bold and Beautiful and relaxing with a good novel. Of course, visitors are always welcomed and many stories are shared.

Happy Birthday Betty! You are a Legend.




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