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Jeff Gole: 20 years of service

Jeff Gole: 20 years of service - news
by Comms Team

Long-time Board Member Jeff Gole celebrated 20 years of service to Wintringham in 2021, and says he believes Wintringham’s success is owed to an unwavering vision, innovative changes, the support of a dedicated and passionate team, and of course family.

“Back when I joined the Board in 2001, Wintringham was a really tiny organisation. The office was no bigger than a bedroom, and there were maybe 25 staff in total. Bryan had a vision to build accommodation. He was very hands-on with a huge idea and big plans for the future,” says Jeff.

“There were quite a few challenges in those early days, the growth was very dependent on government grants and funding; we didn’t have philanthropists and had a “no debt” policy; we wouldn’t go to the bank and take out a loan, so money was a challenge.

“Getting people to realise that aged homelessness is a problem, was another challenge. It just wasn’t on the radar years ago. People would just see an elderly person on a park bench and walk by. So it used to be a challenging ‘sell’ to get the government to understand what the problem was.

“Things have thankfully changed over the years, there is now recognition from the public, government and philanthropic funds. As a result, we have gratefully connected with some very loyal philanthropic foundations and partners which has been hugely beneficial.

“Bryan has also always managed to attract and keep really good staff. It’s special to see some people who have come in with little experience and been nurtured to work their way up to managing a Wintringham site on their own.

“Something I am most proud of is our recreation work. Years ago the Board approved funding for a rickshaw bike, and from there, we now see our clients driving cars around race tracks, sky diving and going to horse races. Things people never dreamt of doing; we’re able to give them a chance to be themselves and enjoy life again.”

“Our philosophy, culture, our mission all remain the same as it was on day one. Despite our growth and expansion, we are still focused on helping older people who have experienced, or been vulnerable to homelessness; we refuse to deviate from our original mission and the people we’re here to support.

“And Dot (Bryan’s wife). Dot has been an enormous support for Bryan. She always believed in him and she always threw 100 per cent of her support behind him; even when he was away overseas, working weekends, or doing late nights. Wintringham wouldn’t be what it is today without that support.”

After two decades of service on the Wintringham Board, Jeff retired in December 2021. Due to disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeff's contribution was celebrated at an event in early December 2022.

Congratulations and thank you for your service, Jeff!

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