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Digital Transformation - preparing for the future

Simple Better Connected - Digital Transformation Project 2
by Comms Team

Wintringham’s Digital Transformation team has successfully commenced rolling out the final part of the first phase which will secure Wintringham’s future growth, as the organisation moves towards a paperless system. The project was funded by a $1.8m grant from the Wicking Trust, administered by Equity Trustees, with a further $730,000 from the Commonwealth Government.

“This project has been long in gestation, and I want to sincerely thank all our dedicated staff who have all worked so hard to get us ready for these major changes. It has truly been a team effort!” CEO/Founder Bryan Lipmann AM said.

The first phase of the project was broken up into two parts – Phase 1A saw the release of Epicor software, predominantly used by our Finance team. All financial transactions and client information for our residential aged care clients, all invoice payments and financial reporting have been managed through Epicor since November 2021. Alongside the release of Epicor, we also introduced Docstar, which feeds into Epicor, and allows Wintringham managers to quickly and easily approve invoices for accounts payable. This is now complete.

Phase 1B of the project has begun rolling out across our Residential Aged Care sites from today. This involves the introduction of Leecare – a centralised residential aged care management system that will be used to record clinical information and care that we deliver to our residents.

The system will make it easier for our staff to know exact, up-to-date information about the care residents have received and, and by reducing paperwork, it will free up our staff to spend more time with clients.

This software will roll out at one residential aged care home at a time, with the first occurring in Williamstown today. The second site to use the LeeCare software will be our new Wintringham Hobart site which will open its doors from Tuesday 4 October, our first interstate residential aged care home. The software will then rollout at the remaining six homes over the following months.

All information regarding clients’ assessment and/or care plan processes and medication management will be entered into Leecare, and there will no longer be a need for handwritten medication charts at our Wintringham residential aged care sites.

Phase 2 in this rollout will be the introduction of Epicor Community in 2023, which will involve updating our client management software for all our Community Aged Care, Housing and Homelessness Support and NDIS clients. Stay tuned for more!

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