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Dot receives an Order of Australia honour

by Communications

Wintringham Volunteer Dot Lipmann has been awarded an Australia Day honour with an Order of Australia (AM).

The honour recognises Dot’s tireless dedication through weekly volunteering at Wintringham services over a thirty year period.

“This award is thoroughly deserved – the care, compassion and sheer dedication that Dot has shown our clients is truly exceptional; this genuine care has had a positive impact on their quality of life. Well done Dot, sincere thanks for your service,” said Wintringham President, Gerard Mansour.

CEO/Founder Bryan Lipmann AM also congratulated Dot: “I’m very proud of Dot and all the work she does – and has done – for Wintringham, I could never have started Wintringham without her support and encouragement.”

Dot has been volunteering for Wintringham since its humble beginnings, with many stories shared about the way she connects with people who have experienced homelessness, highlighting the way she rapidly builds rapport and earns trust, in order to help transform their lives by encouraging them to access housing and support that Wintringham offers.

Dot also keeps in touch with the clients as they move through to higher care. Sometimes Dot could be their only visitor, as many residents don’t have friends or family, and are isolated by their experiences. She has often been the first to help people feel welcome and loved.

Known for her patience, sincerity and kindness, Dot is able to overcome barriers to help people in a very unique way. A prime example was her influence on Ron Conn, a stern man with a tough exterior who was living rough; many were afraid to approach him.

Bryan had been working tirelessly to get Ron into Wintringham’s Atkins Terrace housing and help him to get the support he needed, but Ron was a proud man and wouldn’t accept the help. One day Dot went along and observed. After another failed interaction, she approached Ron on her own and simply said: “Bryan means what he says, you know?” Ron looked at her and said: “Alright, girlie!” Next thing, Ron had accepted the final room at Atkins Terrace where he lived happily, as one of the more popular and social residents, until his passing. 

This is just one of the many heart-warming stories that highlight Dot’s compassion and gentle influence.

Congratulations Dot, and thank you for being you – we’re very proud of you!

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