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Need for Speed at 92!

by Comms

Bruce from Wintringham’s Ron Conn facility in Avondale Heights went on a drive of a lifetime. This is what Bruce’s daughter Maureen had to say about her father’s adrenaline pumped experience.

My father John Bruce Cahill who is aged almost 92 has always loved his cars. Between myself and the staff at Wintringham, we arranged for Bruce to be booked in for a hot lap with a V8 driver at Sandown Racecourse. He enjoyed watching the cars speed around the track while waiting patiently for his turn. Finally it was time to put on the race suit and have his photo taken with one of the race cars. “I thought the cars were very vibrant and looked to be fun,” said Bruce.

The staff at Sandown racecourse were very understanding of my father’s age and allowed him to go to the front of the queue. They were all very impressed with Bruce’s enthusiasm and willingness to give it a go. The spectators on the day were also excited to see my father at almost 92 having a ride in such a fast car, they all cheered him on as he got into the car and again when he finally got back out again. “I don’t want to get out, I loved it, can I go again,” Bruce said excitedly. 

My father has dementia but he enjoyed the adventure of seeing the cars and the atmosphere of the racetrack.

On behalf of dad and myself, I would like to thank Bernie, Wintringham’s Recreation Officer for organising this activity and making herself available on the weekend to assist dad to enjoy his special day.

 need for speed 2

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