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We're heading to Northern Tasmania

by Wintringham Communications

Following the Tasmanian Government’s successful construction and the subsequent opening of our new social housing and residential aged care home in Bellerive last year, we’re excited to say plans are now underway for the Tasmanian Government to replicate the same model in northern Tasmania.

New homes will be built by the State Government to Wintringham’s standards. Once complete, Wintringham will manage a 40-bed residential aged care home, alongside 20 housing units in Launceston.

Additionally, on behalf of Homes Tasmania, Wintringham will manage 130 housing units. These homes will be located across northern Tasmania between Launceston and Devonport, some are existing, while others are yet to be built.

“We’re very pleased that the Tasmanian Government is so positive about the outcomes achieved at Bellerive, with both the housing and the residential aged care home,” said CEO / Founder Bryan Lipmann AM.

“Over the years we have built solid relationships, and through our team in Tasmania, we have been able to prove that the Wintringham model works well, bringing meaningful improvements to the well-being of our clients.” 

“We thank the Tasmanian Government, our Tassie team and our wider Wintringham community who have helped make the Bellerive model a success. The next chapter starts now.”

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If you are over 50, struggling to make ends meet, want a quality affordable home and help when you need it. If you want a good life then contact us on 03 9034 4824.
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Wintringham is a not-for-profit welfare organisation created to address the scourge of elderly homelessness. Wintringham Housing is registered in the state of Victoria as a Housing Association.

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Wintringham values the critical roles of staff and volunteers. We also welcome donations and the generosity of philanthropic partners.
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