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Art Space 2023 - Congratulations to our artists!

by Wintringham Communications

We are delighted to showcase the creative and artistic talents of our clients every year through our online exhibition - Art Space, which coincides with Homelessness Week (7 – 13 August 2023).

Many of the artworks entered this year were created as gifts or as something to share with others. Given that many of our clients have experienced or been vulnerable to homelessness, we were genuinely moved by the generosity and kindness of spirit by our wonderful clients.

Of the 108 client artworks that are exhibited, 16 artworks were chosen to feature in our 2023 festive cards and 2024 Wintringham calendar. The winning pieces are, in no particular order:

“Parrabooya” by Ken – Wintringham Hobart, Southern Tasmania.(our first ever winner from Tassie!)

“Roxie” by Patricia – Belmont, Barwon region.

“The Bubble 2” by James – CBD housing, Inner Melbourne.

“Dreaming” by Ian – Williamstown Hostel, Western Melbourne.

“Eagle Flying High” by Hector – Delahey housing, Inner Melbourne.

“Portrait of Younger Self” by Marcel – Community care, Southern Melbourne.

“Pink and Mauve Bird” by Jenny – Lionsville housing, Western Melbourne.

“Poem 475” by Rebecca – Audrey Rainsford housing, Inner Melbourne.

“Support for Women affected by Domestic Violence” by Jane – Community care, Northern Melbourne.

“Calm before the Storm” by Gary – Williamstown Hostel, Western Melbourne.

“Misty Morning” by Jan – Delahey housing, Inner Melbourne.

“Under the Sea” by Sandra – Brown Hill housing, Grampians region.

“Wormhole to Another World” by Cameron – Audrey Rainsford housing, Inner Melbourne.

“Bryza”, entered anonymously – Delahey housing, Inner Melbourne.

“Sailing” by Cynthia – Williamstown Hostel, Western Melbourne.

“Tracks and Meeting Places” by Lee – Community care, Barwon region.

View here all the winning art and the opening by our CEO/Founder Bryan Lipmann AM, and our Recreation Manager Dan Gray.

Thank you to our passionate and enthusiastic judges Lyndy and Lucinda White from the Peter & Lyndy White Foundation, Dot Lipmann AM Wintringham volunteer and artist, and Jane Boag Wintringham Board, who had the very difficult task of choosing the above winners.

In addition, as part of the exhibition, during Homelessness Week, our People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Melbourne Artists’ Supplies, was a popular way for people to get involved with the exhibition. We had 110 individual voters take the time to nominate five of their favourite artworks. In the end, the people’s favourite artwork was ‘Under the Sea’ created by our Brown Hill housing client, Sandra. A close second place went to ‘The Toucan’ by our Northern Melbourne client Shirley. While a randomly selected voter was chosen to win an art supply voucher as well for taking the time to vote! Our sincere thanks to the generous Melbourne Artists’ Supplies team for their donation of gift vouchers for the winners!

Congratulations to everyone who entered Art Space 2023. You can view the complete exhibition online here at any time: www.art.wintringham.org.au


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