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Trailblazing for Change: A Hiking Adventure for Social Impact

by Communications

A group of women, who love hiking and being in nature, were called upon by their mutual and reliably adventurous friend Sue. Sue wanted to combine their shared passion of walking with raising awareness of social issues and to raise funds to contribute to their community to a kinder and fairer world. The goal was to raise $2000 to help older women in need of housing support.

Seven women, including Sue's 82-year-old mum Jan, decided to take up the collective challenge for a four-day hike around the Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, taking in the stunning Wine Glass Bay and the Hazards Mountain.

Here is a chronicle of the adventure in Sue’s words:

Wintringham was chosen as our nominated organisation to raise the funds as we were all women over 50 and felt that the growing need for providing homes, support and human rights for older people at risk of homelessness was a very serious issue that needed support.

Our adventure was a wonderful opportunity to connect women with a similar ethos as we immersed ourselves in nature. For all of us, the journey was just as important as the destination. The adventure started at Sorell with op shops and coffee and continued with swims, snacks and art galleries. We arrived at Richardson's Beach in Coles Bay at Freycinet and after setting up our campsite, it was onto the water for late afternoon paddling around the Bay, whilst skates and sand sharks swam in the shallow waters.

The next day was glorious sunshine as we began our 12km walk around the Hazards circuit. We hiked up and over the saddle to stunning views of an aqua ocean and the sweeping sandy beach of Wineglass Bay. A refreshing dip to cool off, we then walked across the isthmus passing the stunning Hazards lagoon and its chorus of frogs. Over the white sand dunes, we arrive at Hazards Beach sheltered from the wind. We again plunged into the irresistible crystal-clear water and found a cool spot for lunch.

The last part of the walk was through Tea Tree and She-Oak coastal forests. We finished with somewhat weary feet but delighted we all made it safely back to enjoy a cool beverage at Freycinet Lodge as we sunk into their welcomingly soft sofas to rest.

The weather deteriorated the next two days, but that didn’t stop us from sharing stories, food, games and building friendships. When the wind and rain eased we visited Cape Tourville for panoramic vistas along the coast and then a visit to Sleepy Bay with its giant sea kelp and granite boulders.

2023 - Fundraise campaign - Women at Richardson Beach

The trip was so much more than the walking component, but was about women coming together, finding strength and solace in nature, ourselves and in each other.

We raised over $2100 and we wish the money to go towards progressing the establishment of Wintringham’s Community Housing (in the renovated stables of Wirksworth House) for the women in Wintringham Bellerive in Tasmania, providing a place to meet and yarn and engage in activities that they enjoy.

This is definitely the start of many more fund-raising adventures.

Thank you to Sue, Jan, Carolyn, Lucinda, Camile, Bron and Lyn for your initiative and contribution to our community in Hobart!

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