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Gilgunya has a Skill Rotary Merchandiser! What?

ahrens 2
by Gilgunya

Melbourne’s Luna Park used to house one of the world’s finest ‘skill-tester machines’. The Ahrens Skill Rotary Merchandiser sat proudly in Luna Park’s Penny Arcade from 1937, where Melburnians would flock to test their luck and skill. Now, by a circuitous route, the Merchandiser has found its way to Coburg where, thanks to a philanthropist’s donation, it will entertain the residents of our Gilgunya hostel.

This is probably one of the last of its type in the world, let alone a working model. Charles Ahrens was a famous British machine manufacturer early last century. In 1936, Ahrens commenced making large four and six player Rotary Merchandisers in ornate cabinets. These were a great success and were featured in the biggest and best British amusement arcades. Unfortunately, Ahrens had copied the mechanism from the far less attractive and less reliable Waltonian Merchandiser, patented by Waltons of Blackpool. Ahrens was sued and died a pauper.

Luna Park was lucky to secure this handsome model and Wintringham Gilgunya is even luckier to have been gifted it. We hope it will entertain and test the skills of residents for decades to come.


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