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Pole Position

by Comms

A generous grant, from the RACV Community Foundation, enabled a year-long project to bring people together in regional Victoria and work on a collective art project.

As soon as the project kicked off, it quickly evolved into ideas the residents and clients wanted to work on.  As a result, 20 individually designed and decorated ‘story poles’ became the final installation as a collective at two sites where one site in Highton had a down to earth BBQ as the official launch.   There were many people involved who coordinated the activities, gathered and transported participants and inspired the ART.  Luke was a therapeutic arts student from Miecat, who facilitated the activities, and was honoured at the opening.

Highlights from the year’s project included an excursion to the Van Gogh exhibition in Melbourne, and gave a pathway for five participants to exhibit works at the Annual Wintringham Art Show.

The weekly gatherings of clients developed strong connections and friendships and a sense of belonging.  This is what some of the participants had to say.

"Talking about personal aspects of our lives helped me engage with other residents”,

 “Challenging my skill level to produce the pole, making the brain have to make adjustments and be creative."

"I appreciated Luke. Very easy man to get along with. I liked socialising with different people."

"Trying different subjects to fill four story poles was a relaxing way to fill my day and meeting new faces."

"Ability to sell the "mess" we made. It started out as mess and ended up as sellable item!"

"New experience - learnt different skills and selling my art - I didn't expect it."

There is a lot of interest to see the project or something similar become ongoing.  Congratulations to all involved for the beautiful poles that stand proudly as a testament to the community, friendships, and creative folk coming together as one.

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