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Post-storm support for Romsey and Lancefield residents

Food hampers in boot of car
by Wintringham Communications

When times get hard, there’s nothing better than a helping hand.

Victoria’s wild weather from 9–10 June presented challenges for many Victorians, including residents in the Romsey and Lancefield units, which Wintringham manage on behalf of Macedon Ranges Shire Council. Both sites lost power for several days.

“During this time our poor residents had no heating, shower, nor cooking facilities,” says Tenancy Manager, Tania Walsh.

Wintringham tenancy staff member Natalya sprung into action and arranged for a coffee van to offer residents free tea and coffee on behalf of Wintringham.

Eric, the owner of Grumpy Pa’s Mobile Café, arrived the day after the outage and knocked on the residents’ doors to ensure they were safe before offering them tea and coffee.

In a wonderful act of generosity, Eric decided to provide this service free of charge. He also returned to the units on Friday and Saturday to do the same and offered anyone with a thermos of free hot water.

“It was wonderful to have a member of the public go above and beyond to help our residents,” says Tania.

In the meantime, Natalya and support staff member Tania B organised food hampers for each resident. On the way to deliver them, Natalya stopped at McDonald's to pick up hot meals for Romsey residents, and the local bakery to get pies for the Lancefield residents.

Residents were very pleased to receive a helping hand, some hot food and refreshments.

Our thoughts are with those who continue to be affected by the Victorian storms.

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